Pure2Improve body shaper bands

Pure2Improve body shaper bands

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The Pure2Improve Resistant bands are constructed from high quality, durable latex and 100% high-quality natural rubber. This means that the elasticity of the bands will remain for many years of use.

The Bands are small and portable, as resistance bands can be used anywhere from your home to the gym or even the office! This is why we have provided them in a packed bag, to make storage and transporting them super easy!

The Pure2Improve Resistance Bands set provides individuals with many benefits such as how they are an effective and versatile training tool, which has cardiovascular benefits, they can prevent injury by forcing entire groups of muscles to work and stabilizing muscles,  increase strength and stability in the upper and lower body, along with being able to be used on all areas of the body, including shoulders, arms, hips and legs.

Here are more Benefits:

What are the benefits of using a Resistance Band?

1)      THEY IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF YOUR EXERCISES -Instead of simply lifting a weight, your muscles are under constant tension. This means the actual quality of each rep is significantly improved. And with your muscles working harder, you’ve got better contraction which is the key to getting stronger. 

2)      THEY HELP TO FOCUS YOUR CONTROL - They guarantee a level of form and consistency.

3)      THEY RECRUIT YOUR STABILISING MUSCLES - We mentioned above how resistance bands can feel a little unsteady to use. This just means you need to work doubly hard to maintain your form. But by doing this, you’re targeting your stabilising muscles and building core strength, all at the same time. Try doing some overhead tri-cep extensions using a resistance band, and you’ll realise just how much you activate your core while doing them.

4)      THEY’RE FUNDAMENTAL FOR FUNCTIONAL TRAINING - There is a lot more movement involved when using resistance bands compared to more traditional style exercises. This is great for working your joints and allowing for more natural movements that you do in everyday life. 

5)      A GREAT ALTERNATIVE TO MACHINES - Machines can be good for beginners as they teach you the general movements you need to be doing in order to target specific muscle groups.  However, they can be restrictive and can force you to move quite unnaturally – depending on your body type – which means you’re not getting the most out of your workouts. Being able to work the full muscle from extension to contraction will give you the best the results – and that’s what you get with resistance bands.

6)      THEY’RE LIGHTWEIGHT - Having a set of resistance bands can really help if you can’t get to the gym, or if you want to train at home without taking up loads of space. But you can also put them in a bad and take them anywhere as they are super lightweight.

7)      THEY’RE DESIGNED FOR COMPOUND EXERCISES - Compound exercises are when you use several muscles at the same time. They make for a really efficient workout as well as use more energy and improve your coordination. Resistance band exercises are naturally more geared towards compound movements, so you can use them to get a full-body workout.

8)      YOU HAVE CONTROL OVER THE ANGLE - Straight bars are great for lifting heavy. However, if you have any shoulder or wrist issues, they can sometimes aggravate your injuries. When using resistance bands, you can control the angle you train at. This means you can avoid training in uncomfortable positions while still targeting the right muscle groups.

9)      THEY PROMOTE BETTER FORM - Having to maintain tension on the bands throughout the workout means each rep needs to be high quality and your muscles need to be working hard the whole way – rather than just at the end of the rep.

10)   THEY TEACH YOU TO FEEL WHAT’S WORKING AND WHAT ISN’T - Because you have so much control over how you are using the band – from set up, to positioning, angle and movement – you need to be really focused on the feel of each exercise so you can tell what you’re working.  And once you know you’re working the right muscles, you can focus on squeezing them right until the very end to make sure you’re getting a full contraction. 

Includes Carry-Bag.


  • x3 Resistance levels
  • Includes carry pouch
  • Men's/Ladies available
  • Prevents injury by forcing work entire groups of muscles, including stabilizer muscles